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Light-Up Stilt Walkers

As if stilt walkers aren’t noticeable enough to begin with, we’ve managed to make them even more spectacular by adding the dimension of LIGHT.  In a darker lit venue, it would be easy to understand how the general effect of a stilt walker may get lost.  Yet, there is still an unmistakable presence that stilt walkers seem…Read More »

Pimpin’ Aint Easy!

2006 This black bowling ball fleck Lincoln ramp car is the dream child of Dustin Houck (HouckTalent) and Time Fake (Fake Productions).  What started off as a design on a napkin has now turned into a traveling BMX performance opportunity.  And they say “pimpin’ aint easy”!

An Oldie but a Goodie…

February 17, 2005 On February 17, 2005, Houck Talent’s Extreme Syndicate soared over NASCAR’s Gatorade Duel at the Daytona International Speedway.  Our show featured Freestyle Motocross (FMX), BMX, and PowerSkips supported by our interactive pep squad heavily armed with t-shirt cannons sending t-shirts up to the top level of the grand stands.  This spectacular 20 minute extreme show finished…Read More »

Extreme Riders for Tony Hawk’s Skate Bash at Universal CityWalk Orlando

January 12, 2003 Houck Talent’s Extreme Syndicate provides riders (skateboard, BMX, and inline) for Tony Hawk’s Skate Bash at Universal Orlando CityWalk.